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lalnable: Sjin please stop keeping your phone on during recording it makes everyone cry


Sorry, I can never miss a text from Sips

Love > Youtube



Have a little Toby runnin on your blog. (Yes I know I spelled Tobuscus wrong on his shirt, but I didn’t realize it until it was too late. Ah well)


rewatching sherlock series 1 and noticing after john says ‘it’s all fine’ (after they have the do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend convo) sherlock says ‘thank you’ softly, before talking more about the cabbie, I didn’t realise it before, he’s thanking john for accepting him, however he is, (probably not straight), my heart stops beating,




here are sherlock holmes and john watson making your dash better and prettier

that actually made me feel a lot better

Not even in this fandom, never watched the show, but I HAD to reblog this.
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